Monday, November 20, 2006

Vroom...!! Vroom..!!

Cute baby girl...She was sick that night..poor thing.
DIY MOD car, to avoid hot air
white light bulb
MOD session
Yumcha session @ Original Kayu
(L-R) Fida, Jo, Shen
Wow..sporty car seat
sit inside like someone hugging you..
HACM gang!
Long table...
One of the sport rim
Convoy briefing at Shell station, Kelana Jaya
Blue fog light
MOD light, done by Kakimoto

Last Saturday went to HACM TT gathering, was a wonderful one. We all had a great time to meet up some new faces in club. We gathered at Shell station @ Kelana Jaya, after James gave the convoy briefing, 16 cars convoy to Aman Suria, Original Kayu. Sean, David, Noname, Damien didnt join the convoy, they met us at mamak stall. Sean (big boss) approved the proposal done by Owen.
Fida brought us a box of Raya cookies and Gie brought a chocolate cake, we all shared together.
After yumcha session, we went to car park, gang shared their MOD ideas and showed off their cars!! wow!! Great one!! Meng was so busy at photo shooting, thus i can grab those photos. :P
After 12.30pm, members left one by one, whoever want to join for 2nd session, we were heading to Sri Petaling mamak, tell you what, the journey was far.
The 2nd yumcha session ended by 2.30am, we had problem get out from there, so one member need to lead the way. Mind you, the idiot oh, drove so fast...speeding and beat the red light, end up one police MPV pursuit one of the member to stop the car and gave summon, poor thing. Thanks god i was the last car and saw Fida stopped there then i also followed stop at traffic light, otherwise, 3 of us will get the summon together. AW.... =.=
It was fun, met up old buddy and new faces together!!

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