Thursday, November 30, 2006

Casino Royale

Last night went to cinema catch a movie with Maverick, I reserved the ticket, reached the ticket counter, the staff told me can't find my reservation, WTF! Well, he was kind enough to reserve 2 tickets for me, but i've to come back to collect after 8.30pm. I doubt what kind of system was that? Damn stupid! At last, manage to get a good seat.
Fooyoh! Casino Royale, Daniel Craig as a new James Bond!! At first, i don't really keen to watch it, after a few friends told me give a go, okay harm tho..
Coz New James Bond not that handsome as previous one..LOL!!

I like this car!!!

Albeit, he doens't has that kind of good look face, but he manage to capture people's heart. He is fit and well build, sure very nice to hug!Hahaha...overal package is GREAT! The actions went stunt and thrill, he's good in action, impressed me! He's bit rough yet oozing with charm. But when comes to romance scent, he's bit blunt towards romance and woman. Of coz he always provides sense of security to gals and be the HERO!From the moment I saw him flashing his steel blue eyes across the first of his trailers, wah! killing me softly... crystal blue like sapphire.


I don't really understand the poker game at the Casino Royale. Just saw them flipping the cards. Yeah right, i bit slow and dumb! LOL..know nothing about gambling.
The funniest scene was he was stripped naked and been tied to a bottomed-out chair and subjected to torture by Le Chiffre, the bad guy. He told Le Chiffre, his 'down there' bit itchy, need him to beat him more. Muahahhaa...Damn hilarious.

James Bond with 2 gorgeous chic...:P

Casino Royale is good! Go watch it!


adrian said...

Hmm is it GSC?
Always got this prob one.
Bond hmmm he is not cool enough but from preview i think is body figure is great.

Hehe i think i buy DVD la...not so into Bond movie.

leo said...

hmmm the girl on bond's right hand in the last pic reminds me of Ms. Alotta Fagina in Austin Powers 1 lol!