Sunday, November 19, 2006

Farmland Steamboat

Porridge steamboat!!!
Chilli sauce
Steamboat set for 2 persons
Farmland Steamboat Thiny sliced pork

Went to Farmland steamboat with sista gang, 3 of us would like to give a try.
Mary & I 'jump' into Lynne's new car to Bandar Puteri.
We ordered steamboat set ( RM13.90 per person ) for 2 persons and additional thiny sliced pork. Farmland offers porridge steamboat, tomyam soup, clear soup and 'mah lak' spicy soup.
We opt for porridge only, wondering why this steamboat shop charges are damn funny.
If you choose porridge, RM1.50 per person, thus 3 of us been charged RM4.50. If you take soup, charge RM5.00 per person instead of charge you by pot. It sounds ridiculous to us, soup / porridge is not included in the package itself, we need to pay extra, they really make money out of these all!!! Gave you wet tissue, regardless you use it or not, charged you RM1.50 for that.
The overall food taste delicious service was alright. We added pork, egg, pepper powder, sesame oil and soy sauce into the porridge. gonna be one way ticket, i would not visit this restaurant again if i do have choice. It's my first time and the last time . :P


~TheAngel~ said...

Look like very delicious!

Anonymous said...

I hv tried it also... you are right... one way ticket!

I tried another steamboat shop next to it... Lok Lok One... quite good... you can give a try.. :>