Friday, August 11, 2006

Newbie on the block

2 days ago i picked up a new games!!! Yeah...i'm the newbie on the block!! ^o^
Stacy & I went to play squash with Maverick and his friends.

We picked up Stacy from train station whereby we went to wrong station at the first place, later on i just realized that Maverick dropped me at wrong station. LOL! But we still manage get to bukit jalil station met up Stacy before heading to Bukit Jalil stadium.

The squash station was so quiet, it was my first time there. Maverick leads the way to the hall.He introduced his 2 cute friends to us, Cassey & Hui Nee (not so sure about the name spelling). Stacy & I sat there observed how they played squash and had short chat together.

Cassey saw both of us bit bored, suggested to try out in another squash court. She was so kind to lend her racket to us. I just like a dummy practise with Stacy. I keep picked up the ball instead of serving the ball. hahaha.. Needless to say that my skill is damn lousy lah. We even hit the ball to next court.

After a short warm up, we took a rest. Hui Nee another nice gal who showed me and taught me how to play squash.

At the beginning of the each game and when the service changes from one side to another, the serving side can serve from either service box.

To serve a player stands with at least part of one foot on the floor within the service box while striking the ball. A service is good if it is struck directly onto the front wall above the service line and below the out line so that on its return, unless volleyed, it reaches the floor within the back quarter of the court opposite to the server's box. far i just learned bit and know bit the rules, i believe there are lots of rules need to know as well. I saw Cassey, Hui Nee & Maverick smashed the ball so hard and run so fast here and there. Phew...I still need to move my lazy butt to chase the ball loh...*tee-hee* Don't worry, PRACTISE MAKE PERFECT!! very soon newbie will become amateur if i really go for it. Muahahaha...! Otherwise it just become another '5 min heat' games. =.=


LuUeE said...

hahha..Jo, When Mavaero plays squash, he will calculate the angles of engineering to hit the ball at certain angles.

MavAero said...

Well well well, my brain calculates faster than my action =P And I smash butts too on squash court =P Oh yeah, their name are not Cassey and Hui Nee. They are KC (Kwai Ching) and Hooi Nee. I smash their butts twice each =P They haven't able to aim my butt accurately yet muahahaha =P

LuUeE said...

hahaha..Mavaero, Oh.. We are in the same league. I love to smash butt too. Esp on the left side. Butt smashing is quite fun. So soft. Ah.. But just not to smash it too hard till fart..