Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Public Holiday

Tuesday gonna to be Public Holiday. Prophet Mohd's Birthday.
Monday night was out with Daphene & Edwin (Daph's bf), Daphene was late for 2 hours to pick me up because she need to meet up her client @ Sunway.
We went to Rush @ Eastin Hotel, grabbed my drink~Whisky coke sit down there enjoyed the music. After 12am the crowd slowly picked up, CF FFK me didn't turn up. But we still have some fun @ Rush there till 3am. Then Daphene was hungry and she had gastric, thus we end up supper at Mien Tian, Taman Mayang.
I reached home almost 5am, done my shower and straight away hit my sack. ZzzZZzzzz..

Tuesday afternoon i woke up, got msg from Jchanet. We gonna to hang out together for movie. Hurray! Jchanet told me Kris will pick me up first then will fetch her later. Out of suddenly, both of them end up no car, I became the chauffer of the day. Jchanet was late for 1.5 hours, Kris & I was having our late lunch at Thai restaurant while waiting for Jchanet.

When reached the cinema, gosh! Long Q, we suddenly pop up the idea do telephone booking via my phone, thanks god manage to get the reservation done and we switch our Q to reservation counter. Collected our ticket and we went for a quick shopping before the show start. Kris treats us 31st Baskin Robbin ice cream, yum yum~~!

After the movie, (we watched 'MahJong' ) we went for swimming at Kris's Condo. After that we went to Coffee Bean for drink and light snack.

Voila! that's how i spent my PH day...:)

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