Wednesday, August 31, 2005


30 Aug 2005 is National Day's eve..our GM announced that all admin officers can go home @ 5pm (WTF, 30min early, better dun say it out!) somehow i left @ 6pm. Then Lynne invited me hang out with Mary and Wei Mun. We were waiting so long for Mary, she was late...waited for 1 hour plus...starving till wanna fainted liao...
We actually planned go for steamboat or Bambu Bali…when we passed by the pasta, grill & pasta café..Lynne suggested why not give a try?
So we stepped in the café…full of crowed..wondering the food really that nice huh?
Whole café only have 2 servers plus the shop owner, a kinda young man. He was person incharge of bar and cashiering. The interior design is simple, wall painted in 2 tones, yellow and orange colour with dime lighting. Kitchen concept is open concept, but with glass window, we actually can see what the cook were doing inside the kitchen (can view half only). We saw one person incharge of pizza only, 2 persons take care of cold and hot items and one old lady take care of stewarding. And we observed the kitchen staff, wow! What a kewl hair style, wearing full kitchen uniform with hat, but keep a pony tail and another one with kinda long hair style..FSMS totally failed! Hahahahaha….
The shop ownder presented the menu to us, so we took our own sweet time for food order. I ordered linguine with ham and mushroom in creamy sauce, Lynne had linguine with tiger prawn (actually small little prawn, the menu description leads faulty), Wei
wun had macaroni baked with fish fillet and Mary had grilled salmon fillet. We had ice lemon tea and ice peach tea. End up Lynne’s tea tasted weird cause they mixed up the peach tea with lemon..muahahhahaa….BTW, they served Lipton brand teas.
So we waited patiently for our food to be delivered, then after 25-30 min…our food are served. Erm..bit disappointed loh…Onion rings still and yummy…Lynne’s tiger prawn become small little cheap cheap prawn and pasta tasteless, Wei Mun’s macaroni baked with fish fillet like kid menu portion, Mary’s salmon fillet so tiny slice, they sliced into 3 tiny slices served with spaghetti…mine one still ok lah..edible and with taste..hahahaha….End up with something sweet, apple pizza with creamy cheese..something new and special…a new taste for all of us…apple sliced with cinnamon powder and top up with cheese ,baked with pizza dough… the shop owner was smart enough to serve us ice water too.
After the late dinner, we decided wanna go to Halo Café at Sunway..Mary drove us there…was trapped in traffic jam badly, all entrance and exist of sunway pyramid were blocked by police…you only can see “people traffic”…everyone waiting for countdown Merderka! Some insane one sit on the road side with the flag..some stop their vehicles at middle of the road like nobody business. Damn scary…End up we gave up, just went through the USJ way go home…had a free late night trip..reached home before 12am…
Somehow missed out the fireworks countdown moment.But, my friend Kef he was so kind..he snapped some nice pictures and recorded the KLCC fireworks and shared with me while I was online chating with him.. WOW! Thanks Kef! Very nice of you! So I have a chance to see the “short moment” of the fireworks!!! MERDEKA!!!!!Happy 48 Merdeka Day!

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