Wednesday, August 10, 2005

爱 你 在 心 口 难 开,大 胆 说 声 “我 爱 你”

我 爱 你,这 是 多 么 简单。
又 是 多么 沉 重 的 三 个 字 啊。。。。
轻 松 得 不 用 一 秒 钟 就 能 说 完,沉 重 得 许 多 人 用 一 生 去 犹 豫,终 究 没 有 说 出 来。。。
How often you say I LOVE U?
May be everyday or may be not even once..It can be so easily express towards a person or not even dare to express at all.. too shy to say it?
There are plenty of ways for you to express “I LOVE U”. You can write it it..sing it…draw it...shout it out..and in different language form…
May be it’s such a piece of cake to somebody to say it everyday, eventually it means nothing....may be it’s true or not? but if u dun express ur love, who will know it’s real? Erm… it’s might not be a easy task for you to express in such a way (verbally) but u can show it by action!
U have to express it with sincere...passionate way..When you say it in different way, the person listen to it will feel it different way…ur pace..tone…and eye contact is one of the critical point…
In your heart might have an obstacle,but….dun be shy..dun be afraid…no need to wait anymore..if u are not express ur love and feeling yet, it’s not too late to tell someone that you love her/him now..Be opened your heart…let’s start today to tell our parents,our pals, our sibling, our bf/gf…our beloved one..
“I LOVE U” ..shout it loud from your bottom of heart! Before it’s getting too late….you will regret the rest your life if you still keep it for yourself…Pls don wait any more, tell the person who you love that u love her / him today...*smoochies**


Eebeelinny said...

Auntie ar, why suddenly so emo write about all this love love stuff? True la, we should express our feeling, but sometimes the situation doesn't allows us to do so! Siblings, parents of course can ler... but what if someone u love already has his/her loved one? Hehe, i crapping only la... I LOVE YOU! hehe!

Jo said...

sayang eve....sumtimes the situation not allow u to do so?eventhough he or she has a beloved one, but at least u tell him / her that ur feeling. no matter what at least he/ she get the msg clear..doesnt mean u love a person need to own the person and be with you. as long as the person who u love is happy, i belif u will b glad is a miracle and weird u blif in fate? if sumone is blong to u, end of the day after a big one round , the person still will stick with you. but u still have to put affort to try it out, relationship is both sides need to tolerate, communicate and shares sorrowness and happiness throughout the hand can't clap..may be the right time right person havent exist yet...good luck gal..