Tuesday, August 23, 2005


phew...straight 2 days in a row ..steamboat...buffet steamboat at same shop..whalao..almost killing my stomach...i've stomach upset for 2 days..keep going to washroom..
somehow really enjoy meeting up frenz ..chit chating and enjoy the atmosphere and food outthere...you must go there one day..strongly recommended..Yuan Steamboat @ Sunway.. the marinated BBQ chicken wing is so damn nice..fingers licking good...and a lot of variety ..u can eat as much as u can..only pay RM18.80 per person..worth it..value for money too..tomyam soup is fabulous..even my fren's bf from UK also love it so much...ehehhe....the prawns are so fresh...definately u will love it too...so dun wait for more..let give a try...heehhe....Bon appetite!

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