Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to Hon Wee...16 June 2005!

Happy birthday To my beloved Sayang...16 June 2005!!! We celebrated Hon Wee's 32nd birthday at Azur, Putrajaya Shangri-La. We had Tapas Bar set menu, Azur staff and kitchen staff gave him a surprise b'day tiramisu cake with b'day song. He was so happy. But in the future we can't do it for him anymore. He always be in my memory, i will cherish our every sweet moment, good quality memory we had been together. We all love him so much, but God loves him more, God will know better what to give to him and glad that he is with God and rest in peace now. It's all God's will. Hon Wee, please don't worry about me, i will be your brave and good gal, be strong to face the life and keep go on. You will send me an angel to guide me right? always bless me and proctect me...i will remember you always b my Sunshine & Hero. Posted by Picasa

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