Friday, July 15, 2005


It was 5 July 2005 @5.00am, i dreamed of my beloved late bf...hon wee..oh my moomoo..sayang..
honestly, i hardly to have any dream when i sleep..somehow, i dreamed of him...on the 7th day after he pass away..he came with smile at me and gave me a letter..he told me in da letter that he is happy overthere, no need to worry about him..he wants me not to grief and sad for so long, he always wan to see me be happy like baby..he wants me to take good care of myself, be strong and stand up look forward a better life..then just can take care of others..e.g. parents.. he was wearing his blue polo T shirt with his dark green jean...look good..he was smiling at me..once i finished read the letter..i wanna to keep it..but i couldn't keep it..the letter just went disappeared with him...sayang..thanks for da loving letter you wrote and comfy make me feel better and strong..dun worry, i will be strong n your brave will send me a guardian angel to guide me all the way rite? your soul and your love always be with me...*muaks** only GOD knows how much i love you....

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