Tuesday, July 05, 2005

God loves him more...lead him a happy life ...

29 June 2005 Hon Wee has been called home be with God at 10.15pm. Goodbye, my love!
I received total 5 calls from Hon Wee on 29 June 05 which he told me he miss me so much wanna hear my voice, and i didnt think much and chat with him while.
I received last called from Hon Wee at 8.30pm that he wanna go to my house, i was rushing home to see him for dinner. But he didnt manage to save his last dinner for me!;(
I was heart broken when i found him fainted on the floor outside the gate, everything dropped on floor and no one notice him. At first i thought he was tired and sleeping, but when i saw his mouth full of bubles and face turned blue. I was so panic..faster carried his head up and checked him and did CPR and screamed for help. Everyone from neighbouthood came helped me to carry him, all of us called ambulance, ambulance didnt come on time. One doctor came to rescue him, but we still need send him to nearest clinic. I was so panic till canot drive, thanks god that one indian gentlemen helped me. We reached Pusat Lawatan Islamic 24 hours, doctor refused to help. We have no choice need to rush to Sunway Emergency...I was crying..worried..panic..kept praying for him..kiss him..shake him..talked to him..but he didnt wake up..i saw his tear flowed from his eyes...gosh..how could this all happened to him? in Sunway Hospital, doctor were trying hard for 30min to rescue him, nurse told me he was in very serious condition asked me wait outside..after that doctor announced the bad news! i was so shocked and disappointed why they canot rescue him..my world seems collapsed in that time..i rushed into the room and hug him..gave him my last goodbye kiss..my tear just don't listen to me keep flowing..He's gone without any last word and before his dad reach the hospital.. i just can't believe that it was happened to him and me..it was just a like dream..a nightmare to me..in the same day morning i told him to take good care of himself, take medicine..kiss him before i step out for work..but evening i couldn't see him anymore..i lost him forever ...oh ...at least the last moment he was in my arms.. da happiness is too short..like fireworks..like bubles.. but no regret to have him in my life..at least now..he's in the peace and happy life be with GOD..till we will meet again.. I gonna to miss him so much throughout my life...always remember the happiness Hon Wee gave to me..
Also, i would like to thank my buddy Lynne and Gary who support me all the way as well as those frenz (mary, wei mun, lisa, etc)who cares about me ..i'm glad that to have such a wonderful frenz in my life and really treasure their frenship...=) Never forget to thank my parents..my mama n papa who came all the way to comfort me..to support me..to stand by me..help me go through the grief...
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