Friday, July 22, 2005

Eternity..poem from Hon Wee ..A sweet memory..

I smile whenever i recall
The special moments we have had;
Walking always hand in hand
Through the good times and the bad

Sometimes i think it is a dream..
The love you gave me could not be;
But then you are in my arms
There is no mistake in its purity..

Whether i am with your or far away,
My thoughts are always drown to you;
Like a compass needle pointing North.

To a love much more than true,
Of all the people of this earth..
How lucky can a person be;
To have found the likes of you, my love..

With whom to share eternity!
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Eebeelinny said...

Hi hi! Hehe, aiyer, why dun have chatterbox one... anyway, just to tell u nice blog and nice pic!!! And nice poem!! So romantic!! Hehe... take care!