Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy 4th Anniversary! Some Memories about him...about us...

Happy 4th Anniversary 2005 to my late beloved boyfriend, Hon Wee! Today (25 July)is our 4th Anniversary since we been together(since 2001)...Bit sad that you can't be with me here anymore, but your thoughts & love will still with me...How i wish you will be here with me for tonight dinner..that's only a dream...Please be always guide me throughout all the toughness times and i want you be happy & proud to see me stand up again! when i read thru some of the sweet emails that you wrote to me last time, it was so touching till my heart get melted and can't control my tears...Do you know all of us miss you so much!
1st Valentine
still remember our first valentine..i sent u a little red patrick soft toy with a gave me a big surprise all da way from US, couriered me a diamond ring!0.7 karat diamond ring (3 stones)..i was so surprised and happy..eventhough u r so far away, but still can feel ur love...
2nd Valentine
On da night itself we were rushing go town for Szechuan steamboat,before stepped out from ur house, you told me forgot sumthing on ur bed and asked me pick up for you on the bed. When i flipped over the blanket, i saw one whole basket of soft toys and whole bed of rose pedals..I was so touching and jumpped on you ..hugged u so tight..
3rd Valentine
We went KLCC ..we bumped into 25 hours shop, we choose a pair of watch..very nice one..i wanted square design but you prefer round design with pearl white colour..finally we picked the one you like..=) Then we went Thai Restaurant for a lovely meal....and catched up a movie...
4th Valentine
We spent our quality times @ One utama...I bought u a set of wallet with name card celebrate that you found a new job with nice kick off start..and u brought me to MooMoo shop..let me grab my favourite handbag..i was so happy to pick here n there..end up i only want one brownie one..**this is our ever last Valentine 2005, in the future i canot celebrate with you anymore.i hope u will understand how i feel and do miss ya in another word**

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