Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuppa kopi

cuppa white coffee

white coffee 'gao', ice white coffee 'gao' & butter kaya toast
the wall portrait

When comes to 'yumcha', most of my friends will ended up at Old Town Kopitiam.
Why ? Why? Why?
Perhaps it has some unique selling points and the nice white coffee aroma allured and captured our heart.
I seldom dine in there for food, but without fail grab a cuppa of coffee there, simply love their white coffee in hot! Hazelnut white coffee is another good option as well.
As always, many people love to hang out there, for a cozy corner with free internet access and free electricity supply (don't remind me of the service charges :p )
The concept and decoration are simple, self-service order by tick on the order list on your table, pass on to the waitress/waiter to fire your food/drink order. Couple minutes later, your food / drinks will serve to your table.
The wall portrait and the old fashion coffee cup always remind me of lovely childhood while grandparents / parents brought me to kopitiam for breakfast / tea break time.
Lately, 1 of my friend, Sarena back from Perth, i can't wait to bring her to try out old town white coffee. Both of us had a glorious time there till midnight, what a lovely catch up !
Coffee, always a good company at anytime... for me.

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WaterBased said...

My dad loves old town white coffee too.