Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey

Look at this Flipper! It's an anti bacterial toothbrush holder.
I got this from Jaya Jusco while i accompanied Anna for her shopping there.
There are plenty of Animo design of toothbrush holders, i chose the Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey design, it's simply cute!
It's very easy to use: (Open and Close with One-Touch)
  • Flip open body with index finger
  • Push your toothbrush head right into open body
  • Flipper will automatically snap shut
  • Hold toothbrush by its handle and pull out. Flipper will flip open
Flipper is a non-toxic, non-irritant and child safe, a better protection for toothbrush. Just mount to mirror or glass on the wall.
If it's dirty, just disassemble it into separate parts, soak and clean in soapy water at around 30 c.

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