Thursday, August 06, 2009

Maxis broadband

Maxis broadband, originally uploaded by JoChoo.

Lately, broadband services and networking are blooming like mushroom in the market. We have a few choices to subscript, i.e. Celcom, Streamyx, Maxis, Digi, P1, etc. End users start to compare the network services, speed and of cause the subscription fee.
I have yet collect all the related information, but i've heard loads of review and feedback from friends who are using different internet broadband service. Some are positive and some are negative, however we do have own preferences.
While i was in college, i was using Jaring and TMnet , that was ages ago back to dial up system. God know how slow is the speed?!
A big gratitude to advance technology, we are lucky enough to enjoy faster internet access, i.e. broadband (wired / wireless) , wifi.
Nowadays, many shops, cafes and shopping mall do provide free WIFI access to public, what a lucky ass who patronize the shop over there.
Albeit, it's free internet access, you still need to order food and beverage while you are using their internet access. Some of my friends even bring along their power plug extension travel around.
As for me, i am a lazy butt who love to stuck at home with my pillows, i would prefer to surf at home.
I've terminated Jaring and TMnet account many years ago, i switched to Maxis broadband (wired), i've been using their service for 2 years plus, so far so good. Firstly, i paid RM68 per month for 512 kbps for almost 1 year, then i upgraded to 1.0 mbps RM88 per month. The wired broadband speed is consistent and i am quite satisfy and enjoy surfing at comfy zone.
I went to PICOM (PC fair) last weekend, i saw Maxis offers wireless broadband package for RM100 subscription fee, free modem and free trial 7 days, if you are not satisfy with their product and service, within 7 days go back to Maxis centre, they will refund your money by provided you return the modem to them. I was bit hesitate to take up the package, after a few minute pondering, i decided give it a GO.
Why? because Maxis do cover the place where i stay and the area that my parents stay, whenever i travel back home i can online at parents' place. I felt so helpless when i back home without internet access at parents' place. However, i need to bear to pay additional $$ for this additional mobile broadband service on monthly basis, Maxis is kind enough to offer RM10 rebate if you direct debit from your credit card and another RM10 rebate if you are post paid user (if not mistaken).
Hm...i am quite keen to find out more about P1 service in near future. ^_^ Any P1 user do welcome to share your review.


JanuskieZ said...

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gracieq said...

I've been using P1 for nearly 2 months now. It's not bad la, and the package I got includes free modem with wi-fi so I can go online with my laptop in bed without having to bring anything around.

If they have any downtime, they will usually send a sms notification to alert me on the dates. Satisfactory, except the frustration I faced in the beginning with the connection. After their customer care and technical department helped me with the troubleshooting, everything's been quite fast. :)