Friday, December 11, 2009

Bleed it out

my warm precious blood
can you see the needle?
My colleague, David

Why blood donation is important? Because it can help save the lives of people who need it most. Blood transfusions have become an integral part of medical practice. If not for the ready availability of blood components, life-saving medical treatments, such as the treatment of serious injuries, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, complicated surgical procedures and cancer treatment, would not be possible.

The number of units of blood that may be used for a particular situation can sometimes be unpredictable. Therefore,A blood bank must have an adequate supply of blood on hand to meet the demand when patients need it. The blood components can only be collected from healthy volunteer donors and have a very short shelf life.

In the developed world, most blood donors are unpaid volunteers who give blood for a community supply.

3 days ago, i went to participate in blood donation campaign. The day before blood donation, i ensure to have sufficient rest, more than 6 hours sleep. No menstrual, no antibiotic, no dental treatment and the list go on.

After lunch, called my colleague who would like to donate blood, we went to the venue together.
Fill in the necessary form, a short physical examination (screening) been given and doctor asked about my medical history and life style habit. I brought along my little red booklet stated " National blood transfusion service" which record my blood donation history. Blood test and blood pressure test been carried out, everything look well. My blood type is under O positive group.

I picked the seat i preferred, laid down and waiting the nurse to come over to obtain my blood. The nurse came to me, pronounced my name loudly to confirm i am the right blood donor. She gave me an object to hold firmly, check my blood pressure, wipe the antiseptic ( i guess so) on my skin (inside of the albow), then i felt little bit of pain (seems like an ant bite me) when a needle pierced on my vein close to my skin. I saw my blood start to flow through the needle, then the tube and flow into the bag smoothly. Oh yeah, my blood is warm!

My colleague mentioned to me, blood donation is such a holly good deed. ^_^ He done his blood donation before me.
After 20 minute, 450 milliliters blood filled up the bag, my blood donation is done! out of sudden, i felt so sleepy, keep yawning and urge to throw out! I told the nurse i need a container / plastic bag urgently, the moment i grabbed the container, i vomited part of my food out from my stomach! yuck! Doctor asked me did i ever feel dizzy there? did i even eat too much during lunch time?
Oh! I recalled i had loads of food during my lunch time. Aww.. my bad.
I took another half an hour resting there, sipped my drinks and munched a chocolate bun before i heading back to office.

I am utterly happy and be proud of myself to be a blood donor which my blood could help others!

A typical Whole Blood donation is the equivalent of burning approximately 650 calories

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