Friday, June 06, 2008

The things that matter

Most of us have reached defining points in our lives where we pause to question where we are heading?
Any number of things can lead to this - job frustrations, illness, financial woes or breaks in relationships, etc.
We reach crossroads and wonder which road to take. Some choose the hard way, a path less-travelled, with a determination to change their lives, while others prefer to return to what they know best - their life as it was, or their comfort zone, if you will.

FEAR is the number ONE factor that prevents people from achieving greatness. However, the reasons that most of these fears are not even real, they are purely mental obstacles - hallucinations we pick up as we journey through life. Having said that, on the other side of your fears is your best life. We should never run away from our fears but rather, we should run towards them.The Best amongst us always do. Behind every door of fear lies a precious gift.

You shall keep communicating, sharing, inspiring and helping people to be great.
You shall keep doing the best as enjoy it.
When you die, it does not matter if thousands of people show up at your funeral, but ultimately, you want to be remembered as an extraordinary person to your family, friends and lover. A person who lived, loved, failed, risked, doubted yourself greatly but had a great time and spent your life on a worthy cause. Of cause you also want to be remembered as the man who enjoyed the journey of his/her life and as someone who tried his/her best to live what he/she taught and to be of service to people.

What's important to you right now is to focus on the things you are doing the best.
You never know what life will hold. Life can change with a single phone call and that is the importance of living everyday to the fullest and being extraordinary today and giving your best to each work day, telling your family how important they are today and living with a great sense of passion and savouring every moment because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

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