Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's go to the zoo!!!

Let's go to the zoo, eat the kangaroo! nah..just kidding!
I still remember the last time i visited the zoo when i was 12 years old, such a long long time i didn't step in there. Yes, i make it for this time, i went to Singapore zoo. Wow! Amazing experience, clean environment, full of sunshine, many animals which i can't recall their name. The feeling just like back to school again! Excited!
Oh yeah! There even set up a little botanic garden, some plants, flora & fauna.
I want go to the zoo again! but please don't ask me when again?! ^o^

a gigantic tortoise
mini monkey , can't recall its' name
snake bitter gourd
unknown plant floating on water
big fat type of iguana
remind me of lion king, i can't remember what is this animal?? anyone can help?
the king of jungle
lazy snake

elephant ride

sang kancil??
napping time
see my big fat red sexy ass!
cute polar bear

white tigers

oink ! oink! wild boar

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