Friday, June 06, 2008

My birthday prizies

I shall be grateful that soak in blissful and love ... that my friends would never forget about me whenever they go and get me some little tokens on special occasion. Always warmth my heart..
My gratitudes to all my beloved friends who always love me for what i am, who i am...

The early bird! ~ Handmade lovely b'day card by Sarena
beautiful necklet from Sarena, all the way from Australia
Cash voucher from L'occitane, i bought a bottle of Immortal precious fluid

Pearl necklet from Mary & Lynne

Cute little b'day card from Emily
Guess what's that??
Aww...A cook book!! Thanks a bunch to Emily,
she spent her time in Borders hunt for photo stylist book for me. so sweet of her!

1 comment:

curryegg said...

You've a very nice blog Joann. And wow.. presents! I love the birthday card a lot! Lot lot lot!

You must have a great day, aren't you?