Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damn u! you robbed me!

I read the newspaper cover in the morning, knew that petrol gonna to hike up!
Then my colleague told me in the afternoon, petrol is going to hike in August! I just ignore him.
Before 5pm, my friend suddenly sent me a link told me :' hey! faster read it, it's breaking news!'
OMFG! The petrol price is hiking up with immediate effect up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per ltr! You better kill me!
It sounds like the government is robbing all of us! Everything in the market price is increasing, after petrol crisis, following by food crisis! once the petrol is increasing, food, transportation and the rest all increasing to some ridiculous price! Everything is up , up , up ! but why salary is not up??!!
My another friend buzz me that faster go pump petrol , i just laugh my ass off!
I left office around 8pm to find myself been stucked in massive traffic jam, long crowd on highway! from 3 lanes end up totally not moving, thanks to our government's announcement and all the drivers caused the traffic jam. Everyone is rushing to petrol station and lining up in a long queue to fill up petrol before 12 midnight! Gosh! I just realized my baby car's petrol is running low, i've no choice to join the line to fill up my petrol.-_- I spent approximately 45 minutes to reach my turn to fill up my petrol, arghhh!!
Oh ya! I spent RM60 with old petrol price which can last me 12 days! oh my god! that's my last luxury thing i could enjoy about it! *mind you, i only drive to work and no where else for 12 days!*


Mrs.ThePoint said...

yeh...the gas really is in a bad shape right here in the US as well.
I are paying more than 4 dollars per gallon now.
Sounds like you guys are getting close there as well.
Do it like me, get a scooter. So far it saved a lot on gas for us. ^-^

PegS said...

It's equally bad here in Aust too. It's now AUD$1.60 for unleaded petrol.=(
but still, have to put petrol right.hehe. I was thinking of seriously buying a bIKe and ride to uni.lol

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

hi Mrs the point, i can't get a bike coz it's utterly dangerous to ride on the road over here. many mafias on the road and big vehicles just simply hit you and run away.

Hi Pegs, ya, what to do? still have to anticipate the petrol hike up issue and my baby car still need petrol to run. i've 2 bicycles at hometown growing cobweb, still thinking should i get one to KL to cycle bit? LOL