Friday, March 28, 2008

Smell Fresh, I love My new quilt cover! ^^

I've bought a new quilt from Ikea and a new quilt cover from Aussino.
Finally i changed my bed sheet and gave my bed a little ' make over'.
It's so lovely & comfy! The new pillow case, the new quilt & cover, smell fresh & nice!
But, it will adopts my smell & saliva very soon. ^o^!!
I will spend more time rolling on my bed.... LOL!!
Look at this lovely brand new quilt cover & pillow case :p

Up close look at a part of my soft toys on my bed who sleep with me together


Mrs.ThePoint said...

That is such a cute bedding you have there.

Jean Chia said...

lovely! i like the color blends so well together! :)