Thursday, March 27, 2008

Save a Life

checking my blood pressure, weight, Q&A with doctor
My boss is filling up the form,
but he can't donate due to the madcow outbreak period he was in UK,
which stated in clarification form & clause is not allow to donate his blood.
My colleague, Aisha is so happy to donate her blood ^_^
My trainee
My colleague, Tommy
The nurse is going to 'poke' me soon!
blood test result, to determine which blood group u belong to.
I'm O type!!

My colleague mentioned: Something money can't buy..
Time, Unconditional Love ,Precious Life

Today we have blood donation campaign, urging everyone to volunteer donate their blood to save a life. ^_^
This time is my 5th time to donate my blood, and it was the worst time i ever encountered.
After meeting happily went filled up the form, blood test, blood pressure check up, Q&A with doctor, finally doctor verified i'm fine to donate my blood, packed my document and proceed to the blood donation area. Before my turn, i went around laugh at my colleagues. :p
Finally picked my place, i was laying down properly, waiting my nurse to come over (decently). :p
She checked on my name, my blood group, mingled while with me, then started to use the needle to 'poke' me. OUCH! a little painful an little ant bites me.
My blood starts to flow fast from the tube into the bag.. It's my turn to be laughed by my colleagues. Nurse mentioned i'm kinda healthy, my blood is clear, light & flowing fast.
Voila! less than 15 min, 450ml blood has been flushed out from my body.
The doctor & nurse suddenly worried about me, because my face suddenly turned pale, she asked me how am i feeling? dizzy? uncomfy?
I took a deep breath, i told them i am doing well. Just feel bit cold..
They kept me on the bed for another 20 min, offered me a drink, told me to take a short nap.
Well, after 20 minute, i stood up, i feel good..and grabbed my milo & munched some sandwiches. ^_^ So happy that i manage to donate my blood out!! One of my colleague wanted to donate his blood, but got rejected due to his blood pressure was too low. Another mentioned he wants to donate his fat / oil out!! LOL!

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pikey said...

hhmm..... i have blood donation campaign too but usually i just chicken out... next time muz have better courage to do it, hahahaha