Thursday, March 06, 2008

Loves from around the world

I'm a lucky person in the world...i'm soaking in love...
Lalalala....blissful & happy..Am i such a person that easy to please?
Perhaps, ..yes...May be no..
If you do know me well..
I do appreciate a small gesture & loves from the one i care.
Let me proudly present to you all, loves from around the world..

Lush's hand made soap
~Happy soap~
Love from Peggy, Australia
TimTam chocolate from Peggy, Australia
Lindt's mint chocolate from Sarena, Australia
Crystal bracelet from Sarena, China
Mauritius deco... the map, breath taking beautiful beach & dodo bird
from James, Mauritius

Mauritius 2008-2009 calendar, from James
The precious 7 coloured earth which is rare & protected, from James, Mauritius

Lovely pinkish hanky panky lace thong from Max, Brunei

I have all loves on my side!

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