Saturday, July 12, 2008

oh! Mask on, Mask off~

Such a long time i didn't do mask at face's condition looks so bad! hm..i shall find times to do mask and relax bit. :p
Oh yeah! I discovered this nose mask from Skin Food which is a korea product, work very well! One packet comes with 7 sachets cost RM17.50. This nose pack containing black soybean extract, which has excellent controlling properties of horny substances, skin pore care properties, to completely pull out black head on the nose bridge. Very simple to use it, after facial wash, wet your nose and surrounding area thoroughly. Dry your hands and remove a clear film of the sheet, adhere it to your nose, lightly press the sheet like pushing the air toward your nose bridge. Leave it for about 15 minutes. When it's completely dried, remove from the edge.

Oh my god! from the side angle , can have a glance of the removed black heads! Ewww...-_-''
I bought this new seaweed ionic clay mask from Bodyshop!
3 natural clays combination, china clay, marine mud and thermla clay work together to rebalance the skin and revitalise the complexion.
After the facial wash, use the face brush to paint the mask on face evenly,
leave it for 15 minutes and dried up. Rinse with water. Feel so GOOD!! ^_^

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