Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I love vegetables!

Are you a vegetarian??

To-date, there's no legal definition of the word "vegetarian".

What's definition of vegetarian??

Defined as the practice of not eating meat, poultry or fish or their by-products, with or without the use of dairy products or eggs. Often broken down into Ovo-Lacto and Lacto.
Vegetarians may or may not try and minimize their non food use of animals like vegans.

Excludes animal flesh, e.g. meat, poultry, fish and seafood, animal products, e.g. eggs and dairy and usually excludes honey and the wearing and use of animal products (leather, silk, wool, lanolin, gelatin). The major vegan societies all disallow honey, but some vegans still use it. Some vegans also refuse to eat yeast products.

Ovo-Lacto vegetarian
Same as vegan, but also eat eggs and milk products. This is the most popular form of vegetarianism in many western countries.

Lacto vegetarian
Same as vegan, does not eat eggs but eat milk products.

Buddhist vegetarian
Some buddhist vegetarians are vegans who object about the circumstances in which the animals producing products such as milk and eggs are raised. Some buddhist in China and Vietnam also avoid eating strong smelling plants such as onion, garlic, chives, shallot and leek.

Nowadays, many people become vegetarians not because of religion purpose but for healthy reason. However, we still need strive for healthy and balance diet on daily basis.

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xniquet said...

i have always want to be a Vegan but ...i love KFC too much .