Monday, July 21, 2008

I love grocery shopping!

nachos, grapes, rice crackers, chicken rib, australian beef, beer,
malta, sauce, enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, swiss brown button mushroom,
shiitake mushroom, dried guava, johnson baby oil, oats, soya bean

Sunday i went to Tesco did my grocery shopping!
In my mind, i wanted to buy some vegetables and prawns. I want to cook breaded prawns! unfortunately i can't get my tiger prawn out there, only saw tiny prawns! At the vegetables session, such a crowded place and long queue for price labeling, i just gave up not to go for it. Just picked mushrooms from the shelf. Out of sudden, an idea 'blink blink' from my mind, craved for beef!!
Saw some Australian beef there with reasonable price, grabbed one mini steak packet which with 3 pieces of beef. I grabbed a few packets of 'junk food' and few cans of drinks before i ended my shopping! oh my god! my grocery shopping total damage cost me RM80 over!!

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