Monday, January 07, 2008


Xmas gifts
Pls meet the big brother!
My caesar salad
Jo & Shaz
wow! burning the fish ass? :P
Andrew, Sammie & Me
Group pic @ MFM
lovely dovey couple!~~ :p
the talented guitarist
i love this candle light & holder
don't be shy,!~~
I had 'tofu fa' @ Kopi's bar
Lonely candle light
The couple, Sammie & Andrew

Paul Lavine & his friends
Shaz & My xmas's gift ~ sake shower gel~
now i've the reason to drunk call shaz!!hehehe
Cheers! Let's countdown for xmas!
This girl is so CUTE!
Kopi's Bar
Shaz, Gary & Mikel
Shaz, Joey, Me & Justin

My dearly friend,Shaz has organized a small christmas eve's dinner at Ctr Point, Bandar Utama. After work i rushed home shower and rushed for this event. The traffic was terrible, jam everywhere corners here and there, hence, i was late for dinner. But hey, i was not the last one who turn up! hehehehehe! We had our dinner at Fish Manhattan Market, got to know 2 new friends from Shaz.
After our dinner, we were heading to Kopi's Bar for xmas countdown session, it was crowded! The guitarist there plays good music! simply love him! We spotted an old couple were dancing out there, so lovely! I was touched by Shaz prepared xmas gift for all of us! Thanz Shaz! huggies!~~
I met Mikel & his friend and Paul Lavine & his friends at the bar there. What a good catch up for camwhore!! ^_^
Very soon the clock tickled ...almost 12 a.m, the countdown session began and we sat back rejoice our sweet times. hehehehe...
It was a fruitful & great night for Xmas eve!!

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