Saturday, January 12, 2008

Festive Gathering

Food & Festives always bring people together, don't you think so?
I have no doubt about it!! ^_^

Jo & Irene @ Istana Hotel
Irene's lovely niece, yin-yin
i want to give her a bite! :P
deep fried chicken, bit over fried & dried
broccoli,abalone mushroom & shitake mushrrom
Signature fried rice
sweet dessert, longan soup

Irene, a friend of mine who i know for more than 5 years, she always remembers to invite me out for food on any special occasion. Without fail for this festive too, it's such a great honour that i been invited by her to dine with her family for Christmas luncheon at Istana Hotel. The service was attentive and the food just plainly good (nothing special for chinese set menu). The luncheon was good and allowed me to have times spent with her for 3 hours together. ^_^
After the lovely luncheon, i need to rush to Lynne's place for our cook out session (Christmas dinner).

A lovely xmas tree @ Lynne's villa
simple yet delicious home-cook food prepared by Lynne, Mary & me!
herbal chicken soup, fried vege, fried french bean,
steamed fish, minced pork meat ball, chicken &
fried flat noodles with mushrooms

Lynne & I baked this banana chocolate flavour cake (i just an little assistant):P


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