Monday, November 24, 2008

New kid on the block

Today is my 1st working day in new company.
Phew! after 1 week leave, getting mentally ready & gear up joining the new team.
I am a new kid on the block! everything is so NEW to me!
The new colleagues, new office and new boss! Have to pay attention to details on everyone at work and be focus on my own work as well.
Wasted my half a day in HR (with their turtle style of working speed), i still not get the 'stuff' done by end of the day. Went to office, every 5 minute electric tripped here and there, black out in office!
We had meeting in the darkness, turn on our mobile phone screen and lighting to read documents, what a romantic scene?! hahahaa....
Went to a short tour around the new place, very tiring! why? because i've to walk from one end to another end and stood for hours to observe operation process.
The most annoying thing was, the mosquitoes love my blood so much, massively attack me!! OMFG! non stop scratching here and there! i swear to god, i will kill you one by one!
Tomorrow another busy day for me to get all the documents in place !wish me good luck!

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Dating said...

Sounds like starting your new job required a lot of work adjusting. You must be very tired - more so than just working straight through - whenever I have to adjust to a new environment I get completely exhausted.