Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love...Love...Love is in the air..

Today is Valentine's Day!! All lovey dovey couples gonna to celebrate it..
Cracking the head where to go ?where to dine?what to buy for the precious one?
Today the shopkeepers gonna be so happy and fully loaded, why? business is hell of busy and good, chocolate, cakes, soft toys, flowers, balloon, jewelry & etc.
The loved one has been busy sourcing the perfect place for his/her sweetheart to enjoy an intimate dinner together, to spoil the one with luscious gourmet on this special occasion. Wow his/her sock off, to flatter the heart...

Wishing all my friends have a wonderful day ! regardless single or attached...^_^
Happy Valentine's Day!

love mashed melt your heart away..
appetizer platter
beef tenderloin
stuffed chicken
clay fish
chocolate love dessert

1 comment:

gale said...

oh my...the food looks INCREDIBLE! hope you had a great valentine's :)