Monday, February 25, 2008

Home cooking ~ CNY Eve

Do you fancy home cook food? or you to use to eat out often? honestly, i do miss home cook food,if i do have chance & time i would like to cook at home and eat at home. Why? less food hazard & more hygienic, perhaps you would disagree with me, that's only my personal point of view.
I was on 12 days leave for CNY celebration, away from busy city, back to basis, hide myself up in small little town to chill bit and rejuvenate. mind you, it's definitely not soul searching! :P The most important thing is to spend quality time with my beloved family, indulged with mum's home cook food all the time. how blissful yeah?!
Let me present you some delicious home cook meal prepared by my mummy, don't ask me for recipe ok? i'm not so good in those dishes, i only know how to EAT!! ^_^
For your information, i've gained a few pounds because of non-stop eating activities during this festive! LOL! can't blame anyone, just myself!
So irresistible! YUM-O!

sea cucumber, mushroom & mixed vegetables
chicken feet & mushroom
sweet & sour fish maw
top hat
1 of the hakka's dish ~'kao yok'
pork stew with yam

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Mrs.ThePoint said... are very skilled.
That looks like a feast.