Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blood donation

To embark the brand new year , I decided to donate my blood to save lives !
I had lovely breakfast with Andrea before we head to UM. Upon we arrived the UM blood donation unit we just realized it was public holiday ! Double face palm ! The kind nurse suggested us to join their blood donation campaign at The Giant Subang. We never hesitate and we went to The Giant Subang. We grabbed our coffee while waiting the hospital crew to setup the blood donation area. Please do not be surprised to find happy caffeine in my blood! Haha. We happily filled up the necessary forms, briefly checked by doctor , tested my blood pressure and blood hemoglobin test.
The friendly nurse did reckon us ,she gently "poke" my vein to withdraw my blood,Hahaha ! The doctor told me to donate 300ml, but after i done my blood donation and I saw the nurse actually took my 450ml blood away. I feel very happy that manage to donate my blood for who in need ! Happy blood donation mission accomplished ! 

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