Friday, June 15, 2012

Me Me Me Me and Myself and I

I came across this witty blog post about ME , check it out! About George

My name is Joann and I love food. I Love coffee, coffee is my daily ritual.
I love ice cream, dip with french fries, top on soft drinks, goes with nuts & chocolate topping, you name it.
I love laksa, especially Penang Asam Laksa! awesome!
I love cooking, love assisting mummy in the kitchen, learning cooking tips and trying out new recipes.

I love photography, random candy shoots and foodporn, let me snap the food before you dig in!
I edit my photo on PICASA, keep 'em in Flickr and Facebook album.

I love reading, bought many books, stock 'em up on my shelving, queuing up waiting their turn for me to flip the pages.

I love sleeping, always seems lack of sleep. Rolling on my lovely comfy bed with 6 pillows and many soft toys, cuddle 'em, snuggle under my warm quilt. I Love soft toys, i keep adding on the collection.

I love blogging, love to share my random thoughts and photo collections, love to receive feedback.

I love shopping, window shopping? grocery shopping? you name it. I like to recommend my friends/ buddies on choice of goods.  I know, my bad. :p

I am a lazy bum, hardly play sports and exercise, but swimming, slow jog/ walking can't stop me.

I love card games, UNO and Monopoly Deal. I need my playmates!


kerker said...

i love shopping and playing UNO too!

Joann choo said...

@kerker glad to know that you love 'em too :)