Monday, May 02, 2011

Books more...

I love reading, i love to buy books. I do have book collections, some still with new packaging,yet to unpack,unwrap!
Now, i've many books but too little times to read. I shall discipline myself to spend more times to read more books. I know, my bad, there are too many attractive stuffs to see around, i spent times on gaming, watching dramas (hardly do it now), reading e-books (chinese), etc etc. Many interesting stuffs will distract my attention. hohoho!
Regardless i were happy or down, i love to read something nice, something inspiring. I dislike to read newspaper (most of times), personally i will think majority news are bad news, hardly see good news been published out. I dislike to read accident news, war news, disaster news, etc. Albeit, newspaper is a very good resource, i still will pick those i want to read, i.e. gossip news, food information, fashion news, health news and technology updates.

I always love Malaysia's book fair, willing to spend hours there to wander around, flip some books, pick some good books to bring home.

Never say No to good books! Always crave for more!
Read a good book, definitely will make my day brighter!

gah! i didn't buy this dictionary of BULLSHIT! haha
my books are piling up!

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