Monday, September 06, 2010

Sensonic products

I love these products from Sensonic, spotted their products @ PIKOM fair. I suppose wanted an optical mouse, but the promoter suggested me to try out their laser mouse which provides better performance. YES! kid you not, the laser mouse is better than optical mouse. It moves smoothly on any surface if compare to optical mouse.
I bought a laser mouse, got a notebook stand and smart wipe finger for free, on top of it, by using RM1 to purchase 10 pieces DVD RW disc. Such a good deal!

This is my new laser mouse! mind you, i've damaged 2 optical mouse. huhuhu.. I know i'm kind of violent person to kill 2 optical mouse just like that ( keep dropping my mouse). oh yeah, can't blame me if the quality of product ain't good enough. hehehe..

This patent pending design notebook cooler cum stand is intended for traveller & user with tight table space. Ultra Compact & rugged as it folds flat to fit neatly in any laptop bag.
This notebook stand is light and easy to carry to anywhere ( foldable to ease travel and storage), i simply love it!

The smart wipe finger, look so cute! you may use it for your notebook screen, monitor screen, mobile phone screen and camera screen.


joven said...

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Mikeymike said...

Love it! Only use laser type now... :)