Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love to have a nice & cute bed sheet for my bed. *fetish*
I've bought my bed sheets from Jaya Jusco, Akemi and Aussino.
I would never fancy plain colour bed sheet, i prefers colourful & patterns design fitted bed sheet. ( i am a lazy bum, please do not ask me to do 'hospital corners', by a particular way of folding and tucking while making the bed)If you would like to learn how to do HOSPITAL CORNERS, please feel free to click HERE.
I can't afford to have such luxury type of bed sheet that found in hotel rooms which required many layers of bed sheets.
In many areas of the world, a second flat bed sheet is laid on top of the sheet covering the mattress. This is known as a "top sheet" and when a top sheet is used, the sheet covering the mattress is known as a "bottom sheet". One sleeps between the two bed sheets. Blankets/ comforters /quilt and other bed covers are then placed on top of the second bed sheet.
The quality of bed sheets is often conveyed by the thread count - the number of threads per square inch of material. In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, but the weave and type of thread may affect the "hand" of the material so that a sheet with a lower thread count may actually be softer than one with a higher count.
Oh yeah, remember to wash your brand new bed sheet before you put on your bed.

my current bed sheet & it's new! Fitted queen size bed sheet with quilt cover

This lovely quilt cover was bought from Aussino

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