Friday, January 15, 2010

Maxi Dress

I wanted to get a maxi dress, brought my mum walk around hunt for one, but she keep saying this design not nice, that material not nice. I found one in blue and i snapped it, wanted to show to her and request her to made one for me. Waiting for so long, but nothing materialize.
This is what i saw @ Nichii, Sunway Pyramid many months ago, that time no discount. So tempted to get this dress. Don't you think it's nice and sweet?

I went to a few of Nichii branches, couldn't find this dress, bit disappointed. Finally, I went to Sunway Pyramid couple weeks ago, Nichii was on sales! great news! I saw this maxi dress with 20% off, why not i grab it? Yes! I bought it right away! Plan to wear it during upcoming Chinese New Year! wee~~~ ^_^

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