Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burning sensation!

OH mY F**king God!
The weather is freaking terribly HOT & HUMID!
last weekend hit up to 39c, gonna melt under the sunshine!
I miss the air-con @ papamama's place now!
Shower a few times in a day , during my day off at home. Mummy even funny, she suggested why not i go to shopping mall, to enjoy the air-con and reading in bookshop there?!
I drank lots of water, still can't keep my heaty feeling down. Blast the fan to the maximum, open the window take a fresh air and breeze, the air is piping HOT!
Open the chiller, put my head into the chiller box, try to get some cold air!
Sipping chilled beer at night, rolling on the bed, the bed seems like a piece of hot plate, frying meat there! argh.....!!! :(
To remind all of you, drink more water and be healthy!! cheers!

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