Saturday, February 07, 2009

When the night still young

I love night time , i am not a morning person, besides get my ass off early in the morning to work. I always wish the night time can be prolong and i can enjoy the night time when the night still young! \('o')/
I can do many things at night... no sun shine, won't be so hot! and i can have the romantic moonlight and twinkle little star company along the night. Cruise around the street, enjoy the breeze, people watching, go out get wild and have a dance, friend gathering catch up, gourmet indulgence, camwhore session, shopping, cinema, T.T time, lays on lovely bed with my lappy, listening to my favourite music, reading a good book, potato coach catch a nice show at home, hypernating, etc.
Do you like the lonely night? An owl wanna be? Welcome to the group! :p

I'm just lovin' it! 24 hours McD time!
Enjoy my favourite snack time, Sundae ice cream dip with french fries! YUM!

Tea / coffee time and gift exchange during xmas eve night!
Camwhore time... the famous amous Shaz
Girls..when we have nothing to do, we love to do camwhore.. even on our shoes!
Say cheese! say aloha!
The glorious night with Michy & Kylie
Sam & Shaz @ Mcd
Top (L-R): Joey, Michy, Mikel
Bottom (L-R): Kylie & me
(L-R) Gary, Joey & Shaz

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