Monday, October 20, 2008


We always complaint that our wardrobe not seems to be enough!!

In women's closet always seems lack of one piece, end of the day we will keep buying and enjoy our shopping on clothes!

An Asian working Executive Lifestyle Analysis:-

Work wear = 70%
Events / Evening / Special Occasion = 5%
Sports wear = 10%
Weekend / Leisure wear = 15%

Let say you have 50 outfits in wardrobe:

About 38 outfits for work wear
About 8 outfits for weekend wear
About 5 outfits for sports / active wear
About 3 outfits for special occasion / evening wear

Do you think you spend RM100 for an outfit is value for money? how many times do you wear it?

Value of Money :-
Cost per wear = purchased price / number of time worn
(each time you wear this outfit cost how much?)

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