Wednesday, September 03, 2008


do you able spot the difference?
Ishhh!! my poor baby car!
Ugly non-metallic grey paint *2 tones*
can you see the red paste?

Oh Mine!~~My poor melancholy baby car!!
My papa patched the scratch with red paste to cover up the rust and line, then he sprayed it with different tone of grey paint! sigh! suddenly my baby car has 2 colour tones! that's not metallic grey colour paint at all! ARGHH...!! I need to save up more $$ to respray my whole car soon!
However, i still am appreciate papa was being thoughtful to offer the touch up job for my bar, but turn out bit disaster look! Thus, he compensates me with a pair of spongebob little cushion for my car! -_-'' *speechless*

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