Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outing @ KLCC

2 weeks ago,after sent my baby car for service and car wash, decided went down to KL town for a walk. In fact wanna meet up one of my friend to PIKOM but i didn't make it. I took a train to KLCC, walking around for people watching. I went for ISETAN's pre-sales, I bought a beige jacket (love it! love it!), very nice design! can go for formal and casual (mix and match style), a pair of silver ear ring from Perlini's and a pair of Clark's shoe. Beige jacket with 20% discount,Perlini's ear ring with 10% discount and Clark's wedge with 30% discount, such a good deal?!
After all, i met up with Vera who is my ex-housemate, we had a great time together, enjoyed Gelato ice cream, YUMMY!
Vera at Gelato counter
slurpy ice cream, cream and cookies

KLCC ceiling
Issey Miyake perfume promotion

Gelato counter was chaotic
what's your flavour?

While waiting for my Perlini's ear ring to be packed up

KLCC ceiling
KLCC lift

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