Saturday, May 03, 2008

This The Forbidden Kingdom

Jet Li & Jackie Chan, 2 of my favourite actors!
The Forbidden Kingdom!A great show you should not miss out!
Red lonely empty seats

Gratitude to Max & My chefie who strongly recommend me to watch this movie!
I guess it been so long i never step into the cinema, memory flash back..hmm..approximate 6 months.
This time i went to a newly opened GSC cinema at Alamanda, wanna to experience and try out. Collected my ticket, wander around the mall and bought sugaring from The Bodyshop.
I was the first person stepped into the cinema hall 3, just wondering it was bit small . Less than 10 minutes, the hall been filled up by crowd. OMG! Almost full house! So happy that i manage to get a best seat to enjoy the show!
Imagine that i paid for one price and enjoy Jet Li & Jackie Chan together in a movie, what a good deal?!!
Love their martial art, the kick ass chinese kung fu!!
I don't mind to watch it again and again!!!

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