Monday, April 14, 2008

It hurts more than that...

Oh My Fucking God! I know this is superb hideous!

YES! I'm the drop dead silly person!
My clumsiness caused such an injury.

~1st terrified scene~
I was out for a special occasion dinner and end up drinking session at a pub. The pub was kinda dark, designed with so many steps here and there.
After a few drinks, crowd started to dance and grooved on dance floor. Just danced a while there, an idiotic black man kept trying to stay near and the crowd start to leave. I just follow the crowd and walked in a hurry, didn't pay attention on the steps! *proof* Suddenly my right leg over stepped and slipped into the pool next to the steps, my left leg still on the another step, half of my body fell into the little pool! *mind you, the steps not design with lighting and the pool was in darkness!* The pool water level up to my tight, half of my dress soaked inside the water, totally wet! poor my brand new heel!!
No one even noticed i was slipping into the pool, no one came over to assist me! That's totally not funny! It was awkward situation, i stood up and walked to the table grabbed my seat. I guess one of the Mauritian guy saw this incident. I text my friend in Oz & Brunei,told her i had a shitty night experience and i fell into the pool! Suddenly i felt bit pain and some liquid flew out from my knee, i touched with my finger in the darkness, *sniff sniff* SHIT! I was bleeding! Grabbed a tissue paper from a friend and i continuous sat there till the crowd to end their session.
* Mind you, i was not drunk!*

~ 2nd terrified scene~
My friend leave me alone at 3am, i've to drag my injured knee walked from Sunway Pyramid entrance to Sunway Lagoon alone! With half wet dress and heel, walked alone on the street, under the moonlight and strong breeze. I hold my clutch tight forced myself to walk faster and keep alert is there any one following me. Of coz along the way, i saw some guys look at me and walking pass my way. Found the level 3 entrance, walk down 3 levels and another 2 levels to reach the basement carpark. * What a pity of me?!* No one bother me, no one know i was injured and i ought to walk alone in terrified soppy feeling look for my car!
Excuse me, i'm a gal, no matter how tough i look like, i still need some protections and kind gesture! that totally upset me!

Reached home safely, took a shower and cleaned up my wound then hit my sack. Next day once i got up, i realized not only my knee got 4 cuts and bruises, my elbow got 4 cuts too! WTF??!!

~ Upset scene~
After 8 hours, got a statement that one heard of i danced till i fell down on floor!! doesn't serve the purpose after a 8 hours later, i don't need any help anymore!
Bah! I just briefly explain the whole horrible night i been through again! just summarized it blablabla i didn't see the steps, over stepped it and i slipped into the pool.
I guess i just plainly silly need to explain further since no one will care and bother whether i was injured or not? By assumed that perhaps i was drunk!

Oh yeah, one told me i actually can sue the pub of the negligence matter. Hm... i don't think i will do so.

It's never nice to know that a nice friend who seems to like and care for you a lot is not real.
Even the wound bleed and pain, the pain is not greater than some harsh words / actions, the hardest part is the words / actions caused so much pain than the cuts, hatred..

The pain felt in my heart was much more painful than the cuts.
It hurts from the inside and my wound hurt too when my heart is in pain.

~Awkward scene~
My wound can't even hide away as i wore a dark grey pantyhose, my colleagues saw it even freak out! She and he thought i got robbed by snatcher!
Whole freaking boring day, i stayed up in office because try to reduce movement.
The wound getting hideous, the cuts got little bubbles and more bruises turn out. I hope won't get any infection!

Thanks to my friend that i've learned a lesson from this.
Wish me get well soon!

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